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"I am married to a successful podiatrist and have worked with him to expand his practice over the years. But there came a point that we wanted some changes. Retirement could have been an option but my husband loved certain aspects of his career and wasn't ready to let it go. Working with Ray Loewe, The Luckiest Guy in the World, we both figured out how to rewire instead of retire! We reconfigured the practices so that my husband is only doing the part that he loves which is caring for his patients. He was able to delegate the parts that he didn't enjoy and consolidate his hours. We also downsized our home so that we could take the leap to buy a small cottage and spend part of our time in another state that we love. My husband is able to pursue his love of family time, cycling, triathlons, and working on home projects while still working the hours that he wants. I learned that holding on to the status quo wasn't our best option. This whole experience has been great for the both of us! I learned to give myself permission to do the things that I want to do. And I've even been able to create a "Guilt-free Spending Cookie Jar" for spending that I have earned: guilt free! This whole experience has been so freeing."

Joan S.


"As a mother of two school-aged children, I felt I needed to be focused on being the best Mom ever. But as they got older and needed me less, I was struggling with it. Ray Loewe helped me to learn more about myself and my instinctive behaviors and strengths. It became apparent that I thrived when I was the owner of a retail business. I loved the challenge and creativity it brought into my life. With the support of my husband and sons, I dove back in and am happy and pleased with my choice. I learned that I can be a good Mom and a successful business owner at the same time."

Michelle S.


"I went through the Luckiest Guy in the World course and was excited by the concepts. I decided to continue working for the time being, but felt that my husband would benefit enormously from what I was learning. He had retired because his job had evolved into more management than sales. About a year into his retirement he discovered he was bored. After talking with him about The Luckiest Guy in the World, he decided to look for a job that would allow him to get back into sales and he is thrilled. He feels valued and loves the social connection of meeting and working with new clients. And he gets a check that gives us extra spending money!"

Annette C.


"I was working in a high-stress environment and was good at what I did. But I found I was working long hours and had little time for my own interests. Ray Loewe, The Luckiest Guy in the World helped me to see the beneficial possibilities of going from being a salaried employee to being a self-employed consultant. I took the leap and was immediately approached by a client for a project. The first thing I made clear was that I had already scheduled some travel times which I was not able to change. It was so exhilarating to be able to control my time instead of having someone else control it."

Doug A.


"Using what I discovered about myself through The Luckiest Guy in the World course, especially about my Unique Ability, really opened my eyes to what I want to do. I learned and applied the concept that I didn’t want a job where I had to change myself to fit the job and company, but instead, I wanted a job that fit me. I thoroughly applied what I learned to finding this position and especially deciding on which offer to accept. Ultimately, I chose the job that will help me grow into who I want to be. I look forward to continuing through the courses as I enter this exciting stage in my life."

Will, 45 years old, married and father of two young children