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The Luckiest Guy in the World course is an exciting, ongoing journey comprised of a series of information-filled lessons that will take you step-by-step through a process to put you on the path to Luckiest Guy/Gal status.

“Take control and plan your own life.  If you don’t, someone else will.” – Ray Loewe

The vision for you as a course participant is to live a life you have personally designed.  Components of this includes working in a position that keeps you fully engaged; one that values the passion and excellence that you bring to the table, controlling and protecting your leisure time and taking maximum advantage of the time you allocate to leisure, planning your financial resources so you are never dependent on others for support, and creating additional resources to pursue the ever-expanding scope of things you want to do.  It is critically important to fully comprehend the delicate balance between work/play/money and know how to make it work the best for you.

Course Descriptions

Take 20 Minutes for Yourself to Create a 90-Day Action Plan for a Happier You

Learn what it means to be The Luckiest Guy/Gal in the World. This free course is the beginning of your journey to create the best life for yourself that you can.

Open up your thinking about where you want to go.

It begins with CHANGE. You'll learn why you need to change, what you need to change, and how to manage that change.

You are important enough to make an investment of time to plan the life you want and deserve.

When you have finished this free course, you will have a 90-day plan for change, but more importantly, a process you can use throughout the rest of your life.

The Luckiest Guy in the World 101: Getting to Know Yourself

You will embark on the journey of becoming The Luckiest Guy/Gal in the World by learning some very important things about yourself. Through assessments you will discover your instinctive action mode, your talents, and your strengths that make you uniquely who you are. Armed with this information you are well on your way to designing your Life Playbook.

The Luckiest Guy in the World 102: Put Some P.E.P. in Your Life

Everyone is hard-wired differently and that creates a unique advantage for us. This course will take all the valuable knowledge you’ve gathered about yourself – your instincts, talents, and strengths – and lead you through a process that will help you identify your passion, excellence, and perceived value. (P.E.P.) This knowledge of what is unique about you that others find of value will give you the tool you need to design your best life.

The Luckiest Guy in the World: 103: Design Your Best Work Life

In course 103 you will go through a process of figuring out what you want your work life to look like going forward. Many of us are used to an employer dictating the terms of our work, now you can decide what you want. If you are working because you want to, then why not work in a job you love? This is your chance to create that job.

The Luckiest Guy in the World: 104: Design Your Best Leisure Life

A career of working to support a family, pay for college, and save for retirement often leaves little time for play. When individuals get to a point where they have the time and money to enjoy themselves they often need to learn how to plan a “play” life. Rather than react to other’s plans for your time, you will learn to plan what you want and how and why it is important to let others know your plans. If you don’t plan, others will plan for you.